domingo, 9 de julio de 2017

Ebook en oferta: Dragon's Egg, de Robert L. Forward

En estos momentos se puede adquirir a precio promocional en varias tiendas online (Amazon ES - 1,05€; Kobo - 1,12€; Google Play - 1,00€) el ebook Dragon's Egg, de Robert L. Forward. 

Esta es su sinopsis:

“In science fiction there is only a handful of books that stretch the mind—and this is one of them.”—Arthur C. Clarke 
In a moving story of sacrifice and triumph, human scientists establish a relationship with intelligent lifeforms—the cheela—living on Dragon’s Egg, a neutron star where one Earth hour is equivalent to hundreds of their years. 
The cheela culturally evolve from savagery to the discovery of science, and for a brief time, men are their diligent teachers.

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