martes, 13 de septiembre de 2016

Novedad: Cold-Forged Flame, de Marie Brennan pone hoy a la venta una nueva entrega de su colección de novelas cortas. En esta caso se trata de Cold-Forged Flame, de Marie Brennan, que ya he tenido la oportunidad de leer y que reseñaré aquí mismo a no mucho tardar. 

Ésta es la sinopsis del libro:
The sound of the horn pierces the apeiron, shattering the stillness of that realm. Its clarion call creates ripples, substance, something more. It is a summons, a command. There is will. There is need. 
And so, in reply, there is a woman. 
At the beginning—no—at the end—she appears, full of fury and bound by chains of prophecy. 
Setting off on an unexplained quest from which she is compelled to complete, and facing unnatural challenges in a land that doesn’t seem to exist, she will discover the secrets of herself, or die trying. But along the way, the obstacles will grow to a seemingly insurmountable point, and the final choice will be the biggest sacrifice yet. 
This is the story of a woman’s struggle against her very existence, an epic tale of the adventure and emotional upheaval on the way to face an ancient enigmatic foe. This could only spun from the imagination of Marie Brennan, award-winning author and beloved fantasist, beginning a new series about the consequences of war—and of fate.

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