sábado, 30 de julio de 2016

Novedad: City of Wolves, de Willow Palecek

La nueva entrega de la colección de novelas cortas de Tor.com ya está a la venta. Se trata de City of Wolves, de Willow Palecek. 

Ésta es su sinopsis:

Alexander Drake, Investigator for Hire, doesn’t like working for the Nobility, and doesn’t prefer to take jobs from strange men who accost him in alleyways. A combination of hired muscle and ready silver have a way of changing a man’s mind. 
A lord has been killed, his body found covered in bite marks. Even worse, the late lord’s will is missing, and not everyone wants Drake to find it. Solving the case might plunge Drake into deeper danger. 
City of Wolves is a gaslamp fantasy noir from debut author Willow Palecek.

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