viernes, 28 de agosto de 2015

Novedad: A Better Way to Die, de Paul Cornell

Hoy se pone a la venta A Better Way to Die, una colección de relatos de Paul Cornell. Estos son su sinopsis y contenidos:
Paul Cornell has written Doctor Who for the BBC, Batman & Robin for DC, and Wolverine for Marvel. He has won the BSFA Award for his short fiction, the Eagle Award for his comics, and shares a Writer’s Guild Award for television. He is one of only two people to be Hugo Award nominated for all three media.

A Better Way to Die is his first ever short story collection, providing a comprehensive overview of his work. Featured here are both his contributions to George RR Martin’s Wildcards series and all the Jonathan Hamilton stories, including “One of Our Bastards is Missing”, shortlisted for the Hugo Award in 2010, and “A Better Way to Die”, winner of a BSFA Award in 2011.

With an introduction by John Scalzi, the eBook edition contains 21 stories, representing almost all of Paul's published short fiction to date.

1. Introduction by John Scalzi
2. Sunflower Pump
3. The Greys
4. The Deer Stalker
5. Horror Story
6. Michael Laurits is: DROWNING
7. Global Collider Generation: an Idyll
8. Secret Identity
9. The Occurrence at Slocombe Priory
10. A Map of Lychford
11. The Sensible Folly
12. More (Wild Cards)
13. The Elephant in the Room (Wild Cards)
14. A New Arrival at the House of Love
15. The Ghosts of Christmas
16. Tom
17. Ramesses on the Frontier
18. Zeta Reticuli
19. Catherine Drewe
20. One of our Bastards is Missing
21. The Copenhagen Interpretation
22. A Better Way to Die

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