martes, 28 de julio de 2015

Ebook en oferta: Soft Apocalypse, de Will McIntosh

El ebook Soft Apocalypse, de Will McIntosh, se encuentra en estos momentos en oferta en varias tiendas online (Amazon ES, Kobo) al precio de 3,49€.

Ésta es la sinopsis de la novela:
We've always imagined the world coming to an end in spectacular, explosive fashion. But what if - instead - humanity is just destined to slowly crumble?

For Jasper and his nomadic tribe, their former life as middle-class Americans seems like a distant memory. Their world took a turn for the worse - and then never got better. Resources are running out, jobs keep getting scarcer, and the fabric of society is slowly disintegrating . . . .

But in the midst of this all, Jasper's just a guy trying to make ends meet, find a nice girl who won't screw him around, and keep his group safe on the violent streets.

Soft Apocalypse follows the tribe's struggle to find a place for themselves and their children in the dangerous new place their world has become.

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