miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2015

Novedad y oferta: Something Coming Through, de Paul McAuley

Mañana se pone a la venta Something Coming Through, una novela de Paul McAuley ambientada en el mismo universo que "La decisión" ("The Choice"), relato incluido en Terra Nova 3

Como promoción de lanzamiento el ebook se puede adquirir en diversas tiendas online (Amazon ES, Kobo) por 2,49€ durante los próximos ocho días.

Ésta es la sinopsis de la novela:
The aliens are here. And they want to help. The extraordinary new project from one of the country's most acclaimed and consistently brilliant SF novelists of the last 30 years.

The Jackaroo have given humanity 15 worlds and the means to reach them. They're a chance to start over, but they're also littered with ruins and artifacts left by the Jackaroo's previous clients.

Miracles that could reverse the damage caused by war, climate change, and rising sea levels. Nightmares that could for ever alter humanity - or even destroy it.

Chloe Millar works in London, mapping changes caused by imported scraps of alien technology. When she stumbles across a pair of orphaned kids possessed by an ancient ghost, she must decide whether to help them or to hand them over to the authorities. Authorities who believe that their visions point towards a new kind of danger.

And on one of the Jackaroo's gift-worlds, the murder of a man who has just arrived from Earth leads policeman Vic Gayle to a war between rival gangs over possession of a remote excavation site.

Something is coming through. Something linked to the visions of Chloe's orphans, and Vic Gayle's murder investigation. Something that will challenge the limits of the Jackaroo's benevolence...

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  1. Pillada!

    Gracias por el aviso, Odo.


  2. De nada. Yo también la he pillado. Otra cosa es saber cuándo podré leerla, pero...