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Dos ebooks de Lily Herne en oferta

Además de la muy atractiva oferta que publicábamos esta mañana, en Amazon hay algunos otros ebooks en promoción. De entre ellos, quiero destacar las dos primeras partes de la trilogía Deadlands de Lily Herne (nombre de pluma de las escritoras sudafricanas Sarah y Savannah Lotz, que además son madre e hija). El tema, en principio, no me resulta atractivo (novela juvenil y de zombies), pero creo que las compraré ya que vienen recomendadas por Lauren Beukes.

Estas son las sinopsis de los libros, junto con los enlaces a las ofertas en Amazon:

Since the apocalypse, Cape Town's suburbs have become zombie-infested Deadlands. Human survivors are protected from the living dead by sinister, shrouded figures - the Guardians. In return, five teenagers are 'chosen' and handed over to them for a mysterious purpose: this year, Lele de la Fontein's name is picked. 
But Lele will not stick around and face whatever shady fate the Guardians have in store for her. She escapes, willing to take her chances in the Deadlands. 
Alone, exiled and unable to return home, she runs into a misfit gang of renegade teens: Saint, a tough Batswana girl; Ginger, a wise-cracking Brit; and handsome Ash, a former child soldier. Under their tutelage, Lele learns how to seriously destroy zombies and together they uncover the corruption endemic in Cape Town, and come to learn the sickening truth about the Guardians . . .

Lele, Ginger, Ash and Saint - aka the Mall Rats - are hiding out in the Deadlands, a once-prosperous area of Cape Town, now swarming with the living dead. Exiled from the city enclave for crimes against the Resurrectionist State, the Rats face a stark choice: return and risk capture - or leave Cape Town and go in search of other survivors.

But what if the rest of South Africa is nothing but a zombie-riddled wasteland? Now Lele has discovered the truth about why the lurching dead leave them alone, she can't bring herself to tell the rest of the gang. And she's not the only Mall Rat harbouring a dangerous secret . . . Can the friends' survive on the road if all they have is each other? Or will their secrets tear them apart?

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