viernes, 17 de mayo de 2013

Two New Stories By Liu Cixin Translated Into English

Two new stories by Liu Cixin have been translated into English and are now available on Amazon. These are the titles and synopses:

The Wages of Humanity (Amazon US, Amazon ES):
An assassin has been given a peculiar and bewildering mission: An alliance of the world's richest tycoons is offering an exorbitant price for him to kill the three poorest people on earth. What could have led these billionaires to come up with such a perversely cruel plan? Why would they possibly feel threatened by such ragged, penniless vagabonds? Could it have something to do with the aliens and their occupation?

Curse 5.0 (Amazon US, Amazon ES):
A heart-broken young woman has written a virus program called "Curse" that causes a string of foul language reviling her ex-boyfriend to pop up on any computer infected by it. Thanks to the efforts of a multitude of Internet users, however, this tiny curse evolved and is modified into several versions—each more advanced that the last. To what bizarre sort of end of days will Curse 5.0 lead us? The fabled apocalypse could come in many guises. Could one of them be an online butterfly effect, chocked full of the darkest humor imaginable?

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