viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2012

Free Ebooks: SIM by Andy Remic and The Woods by Stephen Leigh

SIM by Andy Remic and The Woods by Stephen Leigh are, as of now, free to download on Amazon.

SIM by Andy Remic (Amazon US, Amazon ES):
"JUSTICE D - psychopath, sociopath, assassin, cat-lover. But when they take his beloved Emmy, GOV will have to redefine the word HARDCORE..."

Meet Justice D, a Justice SIM umbilicated since birth who killed his own mother. Used by GOV as a hardcore merciless killer hunting down rebs in the dregs, Justice D has little emotion. His biggest hobby is upgrading his armour, weapons and augmentations, taking mandrake narco and listening to groovy groovy MM.

For decades now, humanity has been colour-blind, a disability inflicted - so GOV believes - by a disease named HRG/Canker and carried by all animals across the planet. As the scientist Cantrell discovers the causes for Canker, so GOV begin a global culling of all animals in order to save Humanity...

On a patrol in the dregs, Justice D is saved by a cat which he calls Emmy. He soon learns to love his cat, until GOV discover his secret... and send Battle SIMs to shut him down...
The Woods by Stephen Leigh (Amazon US, Amazon ES):
There is a certain magic growing up with life-long friends. The charmed existence became almost dream-like with two young boys growing up in a small neighborhood surrounded by an old, dense forest.

But what happens when fantasies start becoming all too real? Grotesque and bloody rites give rise to a fey and magical girl who threatens to destroy the last remnants of the boys’ idyllic childhood existence...whose mere presence may set the jealous boys at each other’s throats.

Hidden among the trees they know so well, Rob and Mark confront a grim, violent solution to their problems. This is a story of choices, a tale where the wild, romanticized dream-scape of youth intersects the gray world beyond, where fantasy collides and merges with reality.

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