miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2012

New novella by Liu Cixin published: The Longest Fall

Liu Cixin is a personal favorite of mine, so I'm very happy that another of his novellas, The Longest Fall, has just been translated and published.  This is the product description:

The Longest Fall by Liu Cixin (Amazon ES, Amazon US)

It was an idea right on the thin line between madness and genius: Penetrate the Earth and build a tunnel through its core. Using nothing beyond gravity and inertia one could now travel from the eastern to the western hemisphere in less than an hour. The future of travel was not the sky, it was deep below the earth. It all came crashing down when its inventor was accused of crimes against humanity. With its creator a monster in the eyes of the world the tunnel has fallen into disuse, but now it will be used once more...

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