viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

Devourer by Liu Cixin free to download

Update: Devourer is a free download again (March 14, 2013) 

As of now, Devourer by Liu Cixin is free to download from Amazon (US, ES). This is the product description:
A crystalline structure floating through the depths of space bears tidings of destruction: “The Devourer approaches!”

Countless cables, thousands of miles long, are lowered from the Devourer's inside wall to the Planet's surface below. An entire world is trapped, like a fly in the web of a cosmic spider. Giant transport modules are then sent back and forth between earth and Devourer, taking with them the planet's oceans and atmosphere.

China Galaxy Science Fiction Award of 2002.
If you were intrigued by my previous reviews of Cixin's works ("Taking Care of God", Mountain and The Wandering Earth) or by my recent interview with his editor this is a good chance to learn what the fuss is all about.

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